with Ana Cristina Caelen

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Voice Tantra is the practice of healing, exploring and liberating your voice. Through this practice voice becomes a master teacher, creative mirror and soulful medicine. Voice Tantra is about moving your energy, empowering your vocal core and expressing your wild.


If you've ever found it difficult to open up and let yourself be seen, heard, or vulnerable,

and the struggle to speak up and express your personal boundaries has created a shield around you that might be feeling less like protection and more like a cage,

or if you're aware of emotional blocks in your throat that have kept you stuck in a painful loop of self doubt, anxiety, fear and silence,

and are just plain fed up with not being able to show up as you are, with no apologies!, and yearn to feel more connected to yourself in a deep and powerful way...

I truly understand. I've been through all of these stages and then some, and have found the most meaningful healing as a woman, freedom as a spiritual being, and empowerment as an energy practitioner, come through my lifelong exploration of voice.

Which is how Voice Tantra was birthed. 

Now it is my honor, passion and joy to share this practice with others who are craving to hear their own song, speak their own truth and unleash their voice. 

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